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Brewing Tip #4

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Brewing Tip #4 of 4: Our tag line says it all, "For the perfect cup, just add friends." Coffee is a great beverage with or without additives; but it's even better when you can share it with friends. For over 43 years my wife and I have enjoyed a cup together almost every morning. I like it black and she likes it blonde, but it's never as good without each other! Go forth and sip, savor and share a few moments of your day with someone over an amazing cup of coffee...

Brewing Tip #3

Brewing Tip #3 of 4: Brewing Temperature. Coffee should be brewed between 195-205 degrees to extract the maximum flavor. Most "home" brewers do not brew hot enough so people are left wondering why their coffee doesn't taste the same as it does at their favorite coffee bar. A cheap solution to make a fantastic cup [...]

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Brewing Tip #2

Brewing Tip #2 of 4: Use the right ratio of freshly ground coffee to water; which is approximately 2 Tbl for every 6 fluid oz. of water. By weight that's around 2.5 oz. of coffee for 64 oz of water (a normal twelve cup pot). The ratio is important to get the best flavor. For [...]

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Brewing Tip #1

Today's Coffee Tip: Brewing Tip #1 of 4: Start with good tasting cold water. If you don't drink your tap water then don't use it to make your coffee!

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